Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I let Xander have a sip of my Dr. Pepper. Jessica was standing next to him. I caught her eye and she said, "You know what the next thing to come out of my mouth is." So I handed her the can when Xander was done.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's always Mommy's fault, part 2. = )

Jessica is very demanding. Not just in the "give me this" and "give me that" kind of demanding. But she expects a lot of me. For example, her class is going on a field trip on March 14. I got the permission slip last week and it was due "by March 7," which is a Monday. On Thursday, she got very annoyed with me that I hadn't sent in the permission slip yet and whined repeatedly that she wouldn't be able to go on the field trip so I had to send it in TOMORROW. When I said it wasn't due till Monday, she then whined that her teacher had said it was due Friday. Whatever. I sent it in Friday so I wouldn't have to hear any more about it.

Then there's playdates. I have been trying to arrange a playdate with Helen, a friend of hers, for several months. Helen is very busy and her mother's a bit flakey (like someone else I know) so it hasn't worked out yet. I tried again after her Daisy meeting last week, but Helen is busy this weekend. Jessica then got mad at me because she wasn't available. Why is this my fault?

She also blames lots of things on me, usually books and papers that she can't find at home. When she can't find them, it's my fault. To be fair, sometimes it is. But at least half the time whatever the missing item is can be found in her desk. I once spent at least 3 days looking for 2 library books that I asked her every day "Are they in your desk?" only to get a negative response. Where were they? In her desk.

This week her lunchbox went missing. The last day I sent it, Hari picked her up, so I thought maybe she had taken it out in the car and left it there. Nope. I dug out her old, slightly gross, lunchbox from last year and sent lunch in that. Yesterday, when I picked her up from school, I asked her if the lunchbox was in her desk. "No." I then went on a slightly long lecture about how she'd be stuck with her old lunchbox unless we found the newer one or I got around to getting a new one.

When we got home, I opened her backpack. Both lunchboxes were there.

Why do I even talk?