Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drop off methodology

I've been trying to find a good way to drop Xander off at school that results in less tears. A few weeks ago, I took him into the classroom. The entire class was sitting down listening to a story being read.

Now, usually I have to hand Xander off physically to one of the teachers or else he'll stay attached to me. Since one teacher was reading and the other was helping a kid in the bathroom, there was no one to hand him off to.

I remember an idea I had read in a parenting magazine about telling your child you'll stay for a while, and then they'll feel free to relax and get involved in play.

I tried it. "Xander, why don't you go sit on the rug, and I'll stay for a minute, okay?"

Worked like a charm. He sat down, I waited a minute and then I said good-bye from a distance. Piece of cake.

Except that it didn't work again on any subsequent attempts.

However, fortunately, Hari discovered a better method of improving drop-off. He dropped Xander off last week one day and encouraged Xander to push him out of the room. I didn't know about this till the next time I went to drop him off.

I brought him into the room and over to an activity table. I was getting ready to kneel next to him to see how he was doing and he pushed me!

"Leave, Mom!" he said.

I didn't need to be told twice.

This worked the next time I took him just as well. The third morning I tried it, Xander was feeling kind of sad in the car. When I took him out so we could walk to the building, I reminded him how he was going to push me out of the room.

This brightened him up immensely and the drop-off went without a hitch, or a tear.

This method is a keeper!

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