Saturday, June 18, 2011


Jessica has this book called "26 Princesses" where each princess's name starts with a different letter of the alphabet. So...26 of them.

We were walking home from school one day and she mentioned her book, "27 Princesses."

"26, sweetie," I said gently.

"No! 27." Because Jessica is never wrong.

I explained how there was one princess for each letter of the alphabet and that there are 26 letters in the alphabet.

"27," she corrected me.

To show her that there are, in fact, 26 letters in the alphabet we counted. I said the alphabet and as I said each letter, she counted.

Somehow we ended up with a total of 27.

I insisted we redo it more slowly and we got 26. She seemed doubtful but agreed the count was right.

A week or two later, she mentioned how I had said the title of the book was 27 princesses and was insistent that *she* was the one who had said 26 princesses.

A week or two after that, we were in her room, getting ready for bed. She brought up the 27 princesses book.

I went into the living room, pulled out the book and showed it to her. I didn't want to press the point that she was *wrong* but just show her that there. are. 26. letters. in. the. alphabet. She did seem a little upset to be wrong about the title.

We haven't discussed the book since. I'm hoping the matter is settled.

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