Sunday, June 26, 2011

This and that

Jessica and Xander love to go off and hide whenever it's time to do things like leave for school, get dressed, etc. Tonight I told them it was time to clean up before bedtime. Off they ran to their room, yelling "hide!"

"You know," I called out in the general direction of their room, "if I don't find you, you won't be able to clean up and if you don't clean up you won't be able to watch tv before bed."

"But we're not really hiding," was Jessica's response.

"That's okay," I said. "I'm not really looking."

* * *
I love it when Xander and Jessica play either Mommy/kid scenarios or Mommy/Daddy scenarios. They're all "sweetie" this and "darling" that.

* * *
The clay kid
Jessica took an art class at a nearby arts school in January and February. I had originally signed her up for a clay class because that's what she really wanted but the woman running the program called to tell me it was cancelled for lack of enrollment. Jessica took a mosaics class instead. When the next session rolled around, I signed her up for clay again. I figured there might be a chance it would be cancelled again, so I put down a painting class as an alternative.

The woman running the program called to tell me that again the clay class was cancelled and that she'd have to take the painting class, just as I thought. The woman was apologetic about it being cancelled again.

As it turned out, we missed the first class because of a long weekend away in Connecticut. The next week I got another call from the woman at the art school. She told me how, even though 4 kids were signed up for the class, for some reason, 2 of them (in addition to Jessica) hadn't shown up and the one kid that did show up was so freaked out because she was the only kid in class, that she dropped out. I was given the option to get my money back or switch her to another class, which wasn't for another week because April vacation was coming up.

Well, I kind of forgot about it and when I finally remembered, another class had passed and she would have missed something like 3 classes. I called to just get my money back.

I explained why I was calling and who Jessica was and what the situation was. Finally, the woman said, "Oh! The clay kid!"

I've been pretty impressed with Jessica's vocabulary lately. Recently she used the word "fret" instead of worry. Yesterday, she corrected me when I said "next" week.

"You mean 'upcoming,'" she informed me. "Next doesn't mean time."

I double-checked and you can use next for time but upcoming was still a pretty good word.

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