Thursday, September 8, 2011

Times gone by

Jessica and I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie series. First we read Little House in the Big Woods and we just finished Little House on the Prairie. Next up is Little House on Plum Creek.

Now, Jessica didn't want to read them at first. I had brought the book home from the library and told her I was going to read it to her. "Nooooo!" she protested as if I had suggested drowning the cats. I told her I would read a few pages and if she didn't like it, I would stop and it wouldn't count towards her bedtime reading.

I read a few pages. I stopped. "Should I keep going?" I asked.


I have to say, boy, were parents lucky back then. Children didn't speak when they were spoken to, they *always* listened to their parents (because on the rare occasion they didn't, Pa whipped them, so who can blame them), and they were satisfied with the smallest of presents.

At Christmas time in the 2nd book, Laura and Mary were over the moon because they got cookies made with--get this--WHITE sugar (not brown) and also got candy canes and then...wait for it...they each got their VERY OWN tin cup. Previously they had had to share the same cup at every meal.

One reason I'm enjoying this so much is how it reminds me of my childhood. Lisa and I used to play Little House on the Prairie with our friend Cindy. I got stuck playing Mary because my hair was the closest to blonde, like Mary's. Lisa was Carrie because she was the smallest. Cindy was Laura. We either pretended our bikes were horses or we just galloped along, pretending we were riding horses.

I really enjoying doing the same things with Jessica that I did when I was a little girl. I hope she enjoys it too!

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  1. Laura,

    It is a little sad that I have NO recollection
    of the children's play you described therein.

    I guess such is the lot of child rearing: one
    is so involved with the enterprise, that the details are lost.

    Thanks for the insught.

    Grandpa Dan