Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Two of our 4 foster kittens were adopted a few weeks ago. One was Tangerine, the orange tiger that was both Jessica and Xander's favorite. The ones we have left are Willie, the stereotypical tabby cat, and Fluffy, grey tiger with long fur and absolutely ginormous paws. We've grown pretty fond of these two and when someone came last weekend to meet them and seemed to really like them, I got a bit worried.

But I have been prepping the kids for the eventual adoption of our kittens by reminding them that we can always foster more kittens, that there with always be more kittens. One day Jessica and I went online and looked up pictures of newborn kittens. SO CUTE! Well, extremely newborn kittens actually kind of look like rodents but once their fur grows in and their eyes open, then SO CUTE.

The kids weren't home when the prospective adoptive couple visited but I told them that I thought there was a good chance Willie and Fluffy might have to leave soon. I was all prepared for Jessica to be really upset.


"Okay," she said. "When can we get more kittens?"

I think I'm going to have more separation trauma than she is.

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  1. There are few things as cute as kittens.


    Grandpa Dan