Friday, March 16, 2012


When I picked up Xander from preschool today, he whispered "Can I eat this?"

I asked him what "this" was. He showed me a jelly bean. I said yes. It was just a jelly bean.

When we got home, I saw he had a handful of jelly beans. I thought he just had one.  "How many jelly beans do you have?" I asked.

"What? Xander has jelly beans?" asked Jessica, who, heretofore, had her nose buried in a book.

"Xander, give her some jelly beans," I said.

"Where did he get them?"

"School," I said, assuming that was where he had gotten them.

"No, I didn't," Xander piped up.

"Well, where did you get them from?"

He shrugged. I asked again.

"Well, I put on my coat and there they were," he said. I remembered that the fleece jacket he was wearing he hadn't worn in a while.

"Xander, how old are those?" I asked, understanding the situation now.

He shrugged.

I didn't let him eat any more but he seems to be none the worse for wear.

I subsequently remembered that I had bought him jelly beans last weekend (which seems like forever ago to me) when we went to the movie. I don't exactly remember that he was wearing the green fleece jacket, but that's the explanation I'm going with.

* * *
From a Facebook status a few days ago:

Jessica and Xander playing:
Xander: "Mom! We need an umbrella."
Jessica (as Mom): "No, we don't, it hardly ever rains here."
Xander: (makes thunder noise)
Jessica: "Now we need an umbrella."


Now that Jessica likes to read so much, I've been encouraging her to read books at a higher reading level. She's not reading War and Peace yet but we recently started the Chronicles of Narnia. I do most of the reading, out loud at bed time, but when I stop reading to give Xander his turn, she'll grab the book from me to continue reading on her own. I only ever read the Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, so most of the books are new to me, and I'm really enjoying them too. We finished the first two books and are currently working on The Horse and His Boy.

I was trying to think of what I could suggest for her to read next. A friend mentioned the Prydain Chronicles (Book of Three) which I *loved* so much that I actually bought all 5 books (the whole series) when I was pregnant. Of course, that was so long ago, that I'd forgotten about them sitting there on the bookshelf.

I took the first one out and realized there may be a problem getting Jessica to read it. See if you can guess:

I don't remember the book itself being anywhere near as scary as that picture. I may actually have to get a different copy from the library, even though I own it, just to find a more benign cover!