Friday, May 18, 2012


Two cute things Xander said recently:

pink "brains" (for berets, from "Hop")

"Mothertine's" day. I'm assuming he mixed Mother's Day and Valentine's Day but it's so unbearably cute, I don't have the heart to correct him.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sick days

Xander stays home with me on Tuesdays and Thursday and attends preschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yesterday, Thursday, he spent most of the day in an attempt to prepare me for him taking a sick day today.

Last week, I let him stay home one day when he told me his stomach hurt. I suspected he was faking but I didn't want to risk him exposing other kids if he actually were sick. He tried it again with Daddy on Monday, but Daddy didn't give in.

So yesterday, he spent the whole day telling me how tired he was and that he was hot. He is actually prone to frequent fevers and I can tell just by touching him if he's got a fever. He was not hot at all. I even took out the thermometer and took his temperature. Our thermometer shows green for no fever, orange for low fever and red for high fever. It was green, much to his disappointment.

Yet, despite all his preparation, as soon as Jessica came home from school, he forgot all about being tired and potentially sick and played happily with her. Then at bedtime, he wasn't at all tired, even though I even pointed out to him that he'd been complaining of being tired all day.

I think his 5 year old mind forgot about this planned deception because he didn't bring it up today and went off to school with fewer complaints than usual.