Monday, July 16, 2012


Laura/Harry Potter: 1
Jessica: 0

I've been trying to get Jessica to read Harry Potter for a while. Every time I suggested it, she'd say it was too scary. Since she hadn't read it, I don't know how she could accurately come to that conclusion.

I read to the kids every night. On Friday, I asked about Harry Potter again. No. So I offered to read a few pages, and it wouldn't count against her reading time, that I'd still read her whatever she chose afterwards. I told her if she didn't like it after a few pages to tell me to stop.

When I finished the first chapter, I stopped reading.

"Well?" I asked. "Did you like it?"

Begrudgingly she replied, "Sort of." But she still insisted on choosing something else to read.

Last night I read another chapter. When I tried to stop after the chapter was finished, she begged me to keep reading. So I did.

She leaves today for a 5 day cruise with Daddy and his family. I offered to give her the book to take with her, even though I felt selfish and didn't want her to read it without me. Fortunately, she decided she'd rather read it with me, so it's going to wait till she gets home.

I *knew* she'd like it......

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ear trouble

Jessica is a nail biter. Xander is not. Sometimes I forget to trim his nails and they get kind of long. He was complaining that his ear hurt and I suspected maybe he scratched it with his uber long fingernail. He confirmed that that was the case, and I told him not to stick his finger in his ear and that it would feel better if he left it alone.

A few days later, he complained again that his ear hurt. "It's not just that I scratched it," he explained. "I think I took bits of ear out."

After a long pause in which I managed not to laugh, I assured him that that was not the problem. I'm not sure he believed me.