Saturday, August 18, 2012


There are definitely some advantages to the kids getting older. Today, Jessica was still hungry after the first course for lunch (chicken and stars soup). When she complained, I asked if she wanted PB&J.  I suggested she make it, because I didn't feel like doing it. Imagine my surprise when she eagerly agreed to do it. I'm not sure who was more excited: Jessica about doing it or me about Jessica doing it.

* * *

Last week we went out for ice cream but I was short on cash. I borrowed $4 from Jessica. For the next few days, she asked me several times a day if I had gone to the bank yet to get money so I could pay her back. I was afraid she was going to send out someone to break my legs.

* * *

We've gotten several multiplayer games for the Ipad, like Uno and Chinese Checkers. I bought Blokkus because I like it and I thought it would be fun. For the past month, every few days I ask the kids, do you want to play blokkus? only to be shot down every time.

I noticed recently that Jessica was covertly playing Blokkus in the single player mode. She looked appropriately chagrined when I busted her.

* * *

Xander has developed this wonderful habit lately of saying  "love you, Mom" many times a day. Sometimes he just throws it out "Love you, Mom" and sometimes he says, "Mom?" "What?" "Love you." It just never gets tired.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Going swimmingly

A brand new pool opened in town a couple of weeks ago. It's very nice, with zero grade entry and some fountains and it's FREE. We went the day it opened and shockingly it wasn't mobbed. Jessica really liked it. Xander liked it, too, until we were informed that he couldn't wear his "bubble," the backpack flotation thingy they approve of at the Y. Only Coast Guard approved devices. This really soured Xander, because he'd been having a great time swimming by himself. So I had to get out of the pool and sit with Mr. Sulky while Jessica had a great time.

I thought I would investigate buying a coast guard approved life jacket, if it wasn't too expensive. I looked online and Walmart had some between $10 and $20. I went to Walmart today but they were sold out. I hadn't thought of my go-to place, Target, but I had to stop there anyway (of course). I looked down the swimming supplies aisle. They had floaties and tubes. I almost missed the life jackets, which were very picked through.

Then I saw a vest with Cars on it. It seemed almost too good to be true. There was only one there. I grabbed it, before anyone else came down the aisle. It was for kids weighing 30-50 lbs. Okay, good. The lifeguards at the pool told me officially sanctioned life jackets would say so on the vest itself. I opened up the vest. Coast Guard approved! Score! I almost didn't care how much it cost, because I know Xander will approve. But it was only $17, so double score.  Brand new pool, here we come!

August 18: Update:
Argh! Unbelievable! He *still* refused to wear it. So I took it back. I don't know where this kid gets his stubborness from......

* * *

You can't always get what you want

Jessica is very sensitive to the smell of my car. I had bought some air fresheners a while ago and we had used them all up. We bought some more recently. I wanted to get the same fragrance we had last time ("fresh washed cotton") which, while not fantastic, was tolerable and seemed to do the job. Jessica was with me and really wanted to get cherry. I had my doubts but went ahead and got the cherry. It rained the other day, which seems to aggravate the smell in the car. I got out one of the air fresheners and opened it up. She seemed okay with it at first. Then yesterday, when we got into the car first thing in the morning, the smell of cherry was overwhelming. She got in the car, started to gag and begged me to turn on the car so she could roll down the windows.

I reminded her that *she* had insisted on this fragrance. She remembered. I told her I was going to get more air fresheners and I was going to select the smell. She agreed.

I got fresh washed cotten.