Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It was bound to happen sooner or later

I've known from the beginning that Jessica and Xander have bad genes in terms of eyesight. I got glasses in the 3rd grade. Every so often, I ask Jessica to read something far away.

Last week in Target, she had some trouble. Not a lot but I made a mental note to get her checked at the doctor.

Mental notes don't work very well for me, so I was actually kind of glad when I got a letter from the school today saying she should be checked by an eye professional. So I asked Jessica if they had checked her vision at school. She said yes. I asked if it was before or after we'd been to Target (which was 6 days ago). She said after. I guess the school and I made this discovery at approximately the same time.

I'll be calling tomorrow to make an appointment for her. Poor thing says she doesn't want to wear glasses. I know how that feels. I didn't want to either. She said no one else in her class wears glasses, which actually kind of surprised me, because I feel like I see lots of kids wearing glasses. I told her not to be too upset, that I'm sure soon enough a lot of kids will be wearing glasses (or contacts).

Now I'll have to start checking on Xander's vision.

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