Monday, December 3, 2012

The grass is always greener--except in Mommy's yard

It snowed here on Saturday. Not a lot, but enough for the kids to play in. At one point Xander came in and started whining about how Jessica wouldn't share the broom with him. Turned out they were cleaning the snow off the car. I found the actual snow brush for the van and gave it to him. As soon as Jessica saw it, she said he could have the broom because she wanted the brush. Of course, he wasn't making that deal, but eventually they worked it out.

This morning, now that the snow has melted, I discovered the grill brush on the ground near the van as we headed out to the bus stop. The question "Did you use this on the car?" was answered with guilty looks. I was remarkably restrained, I thought, mainly because it appeared there was no damage to the car.

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